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About Us

Wingspread Lending is a group of private lenders that want to fund your next investment deal and take your business to the next level. We lend to both new and seasoned investors.

We are led by Cesar Tamayo.  Cesar is a Private Lender and Real Estate investor in Berks County, PA.  He has been private lending since 2017.  Cesar has done a little bit of everything in real estate from buy and hold to fix and flip and wholesaling.  He loves helping both experienced and inexperienced investors grow their business.


Our mission is to be heroic when it comes to funding deals.  That means coming through with the funds when investors need them the most.  


We have investor passion!  We are transparent when it comes to our process with a high level of communication and service.


Phone: (484) 706-9601


We now work remote whenever possible.  However, we're happy to meet with borrowers and investors in person by appointment!

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