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Find KILLER Deals With a Property List Service!

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

A property list service is one that automates a very manual process. Let's start by defining why investors even need a list. Great marketing in real estate starts with a great property list and contact information. Distressed homeowners who are willing to sell their home at steep discount, comprise only a small section of the real estate market. Traditional marketing and advertising, therefore, cost too much and reach too many that would aggressively tell you to leave them alone.

Fortunately, finding distressed homeowners often only requires a public records search, colloquially known as "pulling a list". Homeowners experiencing distress such as foreclosure, divorce, death in the family (probate), tax liens, often see the sale of their property as the only way out. Fortunately for investors, many of these distressed situations documented into public record. Retrieving that information usually only requires a trip to your county courthouse or county assessor. Often, after pulling a list, you would perform a skip trace since the list records rarely include contact information. These two tasks together can be time consuming, monotonous, and dull. Thankfully, there are several online services that will automate one or both of these tasks, allowing you to focus on more profitable activities.

What is a Property List Service?

Any service that will find, aggregate, and report a list of properties that meet your criteria qualifies as a property list service. Some will also skip trace contact information for you, usually at an additional cost. Most list providers work on a monthly subscription model.

When building the list criteria, be wary of creating a list that is too broad. Narrow your search to just a few select zip codes that meet your property selection criteria. This will force you to stay in areas you know well.

1. List Source

One of the better-known property list services, List Source offers a couple ways to buy leads. You can buy either by the list or as a monthly subscription.

List Source: A Property List Service

ListSource provides many filters to narrow your search down. Start with your location/zip codes that you want to narrow your focus to. Filter the properties to only show homes that fit your niche. For example, if your niche includes starter homes, set your criteria to search for three bedroom, two bathroom homes. From there, select the type of list such as foreclosures or probates. Research which lists tend to perform better for your strategy, such as subject to or owner/seller financing. Some lists that high conversion rates won't work for these strategies. If financing your deal is a concern, reach out to us about funding your deal. We would be happy to start a conversation.

2. Deal Machine

Originally, Deal Machine became known for its Driving for Dollars service. As you drove around neighborhoods and found properties in disrepair, you would enter the property address, take photos, and build a unique list of properties in neighborhoods you know well. It was later expanded so that a property could be entered into a mailer campaign. Today, Deal Machine is a full service provider and among the top rated and loved in the BiggerPockets community.

Property List Service: Deal Machine

One subscription feature I really like about Deal Machine: you can draw a geographic area more precise than zip codes, and automatically receive new properties instantly when one meets your criteria. No more pulling a list; it builds it for you.

3. Propstream / Realeflow

Similar to Deal Machine and List Source, these two services will pull lists for you and offer skip tracing as an add on. Unlike the other two, both Propstream and Realeflow shine as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. Their subscription service includes the ability to automatically enter properties into email autoresponders and mailer, text and voicemail campaigns. Both provide a seamless marketing automation and deal analysis features to help you determine after repair values (ARV), project estimations, and seller offer proposals.

Property List Service: Propstream

4. BONUS Property List Service!

Most list services require a monthly subscription. The basic subscription may not even cover skip tracing (a method for finding contact information), and it may only cover one lead type. Your costs could quickly add up. If you're just starting out with using lists to find property leads, you might not want to set up something recurring. That's where Fiverr comes in!

The top organic for "motivated sellers list services" wasn't even a list service. It was the "24 Best Motivated Seller Services to Buy Online". There are tens of freelancers that are well rated that provide 100-250 leads that include address, name, phone number, and basic property details. No need to skip trace either. Most sellers offer those leads for 5 to 10 dollars. Give this a try before you subscribe to something you don't use as often as you'd like.

Property List Service Providers Conclusion

Regardless of which service you choose to source your property leads, just start calling people. Find or build a script that you feel comfortable starting with, then practice, practice, practice. Focus on improving your negotiation skills. Once you've got your property under contract, if you're looking for funds for your next project, feel free to contact us at 484-706-9601 or visit

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